Information For International Buyers

Foreign real estate investment in the United States can be a profitable investment for international buyers. Our investor friendly tax laws allow not only U.S. citizens to invest but also international investors an opportunity to buy real estate. If there are any restrictions for purchasing property, they are usually from the Country of which you reside. This is why you should first consult with an international tax specialist/attorney prior to purchasing property in the U.S. Knowing what your tax liabilities both here in the U.S. and in your own country are very important first steps.As with any Sarasota International Real Estateinvestment, foreign investors should be informed about all aspects of purchasing property here in the U.S. You should not rely on the local customs of your own country to apply to real estate transactions in the U.S. You must first become familiar with the process of purchasing property in the U.S. and then seek out the advice of an international tax attorney. By doing a little tax research upfront a foriegn investor will be prepared when the time comes to sell the property.

All real estate agents in the U.S. are co-broker agents. What this means to you is that you only need one agent to handle all your real estate needs. If you are buying real estate, your agent can represent you on any property that you want to purchase. The best thing about the real estate business in the United States, as compared to other countries, is that in the United States we have the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). All realtors enter their listings into Sarasota International Real Estatethis database. This allows all realtors to have access to all listings of other realtors. This means there is usually a realtor on either side of the transaction, one representing the seller, and one representing the buyer. It is possible for a listing agent to represent both parties. The seller pays the listing agent a commission and that agent will offer a portion of the commission to another agent who is representing the buyer. An agents commissions are paid by the seller with no upfront cost to you for representation. This is an advantage for a buyer because you have the ability to hire a realtor to represent your best interests rather than having to work with a listing agent who is actually being paid by the seller of the property. A buyer's agent can show you any listings and help you find a suitable property. Your real estate agent is your resource and advisor for purchasing property, so take advantage of their knowledge.

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